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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Every time a question is asked, we will add the answer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Still cannot find the answers to your question? Please contact us


1. What methods of payment do you currently accept?

=> We accept direct bank deposit, manual collection (office only), cheque, and internet banking. We have bank accounts in Baiduri and BIBD.


2. How long will my account be set up?

=> Your account will be set up instantly after we receive your payments.


3. Can I access my account 24 hours 7 days?

=> Absolutely yes. There is no restriction on how many times you can access your account.


4. How can I learn about CPanel?

=> Here


5. What technical support do you offer?

=> We have phone support, online message board support, whatsapp support and email support. Please contact us if you encounter any technical problems or difficulties.


6. Can I change my domain name halfway?

=> Unfortunately no. All domain registrars rule that once a domain is registered it is final and will stay for a year. You can however request to buy a new domain for B$15/yr


7. Can I upgrade my plan anytime?

=> Yes. We can upgrade your plan within 3 minutes without any downtime.


8. Can I get back my domain if I stop hosting with you?

=> We are sad to lose you as our client, but your domain will be yours. To cover our losses  however, any domain transfer (hosting termination) done within first 6 months will be subjected to a B$15 charge.


9. Will my domain still be free after 1 year?

=> Yes. As long as you continue hosting with us, your domain will be free forever.


10. What are the differences between you and free hosting services like Blogspot and Wordpress?

=> You are getting your own domain name (www.yourname.com) and many other features not found in free host. Through paid hosting like EdoHost, you will experience the real website management utilities used by millions worldwide.


11. What if I already have my own website?

=> Great! Don't like your current hosting provider? You can request us to host your site and transfer all your existing files for you free and without any downtime. As an appreciation for the  transfer, we will give you one month free hosting.


12. I want to transfer my hosting to EdoHost, but the current provider owns my domain name?

=> We can try transferring it for you, but if your hosting provider refused to release it we will suggest some alternate domains for you. If you own the trademark then you have rights to demand the domain name from your hosting provider.


13. Why do you have a minimum 4 months payment policy? Why not pay monthly?

=> Good question! All global domain registries state that the minimum required length of period for a domain contract is 1 year. That is, we will have to register the domain name for a full year regardless of how many months our clients host their sites with us. To prevent others from signing up 'just for fun then cancel the subscription plan' resulting in contract losses for EdoHost, we take such step on implementing the minimum 4 months payment policy.


14. Is there any discounts for paying annually?

=> Yes, we are offering a 5% discount to all those paying annually.




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